Sametime 8.5.1

as some people know struggling with Lotus IBM product is not as easy as 1..2..3.

I spent more than 2 weeks trying to upgrade Sametime 8.0 to 8.5.1. Finally with the help of Gunawan T Wicaksono from IBM Indonesia (thx Wang!) we succeeded in the process with some limitation.

We managed to make Sametime embedded in Notes standard to work, Sametime Enterprise Messaging via Blackberry BES and Sametime web for web meeting.

Now, what’s not working after the upgrade?
1. Sametime embedded to Notes basic
2. Sametime embedded to Lotus iNotes

With the help of Sandeep R Deshpande from IBM India, we managed to solve the 2nd issue.

What you need to do is go to your Sametime web (type your sametime FQDN from browser) and login. Click “Administer the server”. Now click on the Configuration section -> Community Services -> Enable – “Allow users to authenticate using either LTPA or Sametime Token (stauths.nsf and stautht.nsf). The server uses LTPA if this item is unchecked. (The item is unchecked by default.)”. Click Update. Don’t forget to restart Sametime server.

OMG….It took me and other technical support 2 weeks and still no result. The result is just one click away.


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