Error 0x1A5 when performing domino maintenance via command prompt

You need to make sure that Domino program directory is in your system path. If you don’t have a system path entry for Lotus Domino you can add a path entry. Example C:\IBM\lotus\domino

Just Right click on My Computer => Properties => Advanced

Click on Environment Variables.

Confirm that there is an entry for the path of lotus program directory. Or you can add the path by clicking on edit button. After entering path reboot the system.

2. Ensure that the notes.ini for the partitioned notes servers is in the relevant data directories.

3. Make sure that you don’t have any other notes.ini files hanging around especially in the program directory. (Check for the notes.ini file in the program directory. Make sure that the there is only one notes.ini in the data directory. Delete if you have extra notes.ini file.)

4. You will need to run the command lines from the data directories not from the program directory.
Suppose your data directory is in E: drive
Go to command prompt. Change the directory to e:\IBM\lotus\domino\data. The same goes for Domino Partition server.

Perform maintenance task such:
nfixup names.nsf -F
nupdall names.nsf -R -X
ncompact names.nsf -c

5. Domino will perform requested maintenance.


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